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The SHop
"Keep a low profile...and annihilate your competition."

Many guys wait almost an entire lifetime to get their dream car; whether it be a ’34 Ford a ’57 Chevy or a Z06 Corvette and need someone who knows and understands how to keep them running their best. We can bring your classic into the twenty first century or leave it right where it is…it’s up to you. You want someone who is as passionate about your ride as you are…and that’s how we roll. My father always told us two things you need in life… a good doctor and a good mechanic.  We take care of your pride and joy from bumper to bumper.


“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” – Teddy Roosevelt


This is an adage we live by.  Keep a low profile and annihilate your competition.  1,000+ horsepower under the stock hood?  No problem.  Drive it to the track and run single digits?  Piece of cake… We can make it reality.  Even if your idea is just to have a stock cruiser to take to cruise night we will provide the same dedication and attention to detail and deliver just that.  We love cars.  Plain and simple.  We know you do too, so let’s get to work!


Shear Performance Inc, Costa Mesa, CA

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